Collection Services

Industries serviced by Pro-Com include:

•    Healthcare (hospitals, physician groups, individual physician practices, medical billing companies.)

•    Utility Companies

•    Schools and Educational Facilities

•    Financial Institutions

•    Property Management (apartment complexes)

•    Government and Municipalities

•    Service Providers (plumbers, electricians, lawn service, repair facilities etc.)

•    Veterinarians

•    NSF Check Collection

Pro-Com’s services include:

Early Out

Maximize revenue recovery by putting your customers in touch with Pro Com’s highly trained customer service representatives. We can adapt our services to your needs. Reaching customers close to their service date and discussing payment options will go a long way to accelerating your cash flow.

Pre-Collection Services

We offer a pre-collection service on those accounts that aren’t quite ready for full collection. The Pro Com pre-collection service offers clients an effective way to notify your customers of how serious their outstanding balance is while also providing compassion. We are able to tailor our services to your business’ needs.


You will see better results with Pro-Com because we take your debt collection seriously. We go the extra mile for your business, regardless of the size of your business or the amount of the debt needed to be recovered.

Our approach to collections is as unique as your company. We drill down to the credit/collections profile of your delinquent customer base. Our certified Account Resolution Specialists work as a team to achieve our high recovery rates.

Our goal is to improve the cash flow for your business. Whether that means receivables management or collections performance, Pro Com is ready to work with you today! Collections are contingency, fee-based.

Extended Business Office

Through Pro-Com’s extended business office services, you’ll have access to the latest technology and resources freeing up your time to concentrate on the bigger picture. We provide a seamless extension to your office helping you to collect greater revenues at lower costs.

Revenue Cycle Consulting

We’ll help you resolve any issues with your revenue cycle. Pro Com’s team of consultants will put you on the right path and provide the tools and support to keep you going whether it’s curbing denials and bad debt, improving documentation, or refining payment models.

Payment Monitoring

We take over processing of patient remittances and billing. If our client’s customer does not settle his or her account, we assist in moving that account to the collections phase if that is what our client asks us to do.